Who am I?

I am a web consultant helping businesses get their web applications ready for the future through cutivating healthy development practices, setting up continuous integration environments and training. During the past 7+ years I've been working as a software developer I gained expertise in web application development, scalability and setting up development processes to reduce and prevent technical debt.
I've set up continuous integration systems and dealt with the cultural aspect of adopting a DevOps mentality among development teams.
I love to share knowledge, so writing is one of my biggest passions. I write a lot on my blog, I am a regular speaker at local meetups and I feel perfectly comfortable talking in front of people.

If you wish to take your web application to the future or to ramp-up your developers' skills, get in touch and we can make it happen, together. If you don't feel like contacting me just yet, but would like to get frequent updates on the state of web technologies and DevOps, subscribe to my newsletter.


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