# A different way to Node > The tales of a lazy developer
## About me * No-stack WEB DEVELOPER - [I hate full stack! Period!](https://codesi.nz/I-hate-full-stack/). + Software *over-engineer*. * Wannabe book author. * Blogger - [codesi.nz](https://codesi.nz). * Tweeter - [@opreaadrian](https://twitter.com/@opreaadrian). * Open sourcer [/opreaadrian](https://github.com/opreaadrian). * Father (when not programming). * Deprived of sleep.
## Why am I here? * To show you how lazy I am. * To teach you how to be just as lazy.
## I didn't come to: * Show you YAJF. * Debate why NoSQL is better than SQL or why jQuery is not a programming language :D.
## What do I want you to get out of this? * A different view on your approach to application architecture. * Thoughts... a lot of thoughts!
## How are we "doing it" today? #### — nothing technically wrong * Create a bunch of JS files. * Group them by what we believe to be "related functionality". * Spread them all over the place. * Hope nobody will want to reuse code from our application.
## Drawbacks * Code is harder to maintain. * `require('./../../lib/data.js');` * Reusable snippets vs. reusable modules.
## There is a solution! * Author everything as node modules. * Have the secret stuff deployed on a private npm. * Let [npmjs](https://www.npmjs.com/) handle the non-sensitive parts. + Give back by open-sourcing stuff.
## Benefits * Reusable modules (strive for that, doesn't always work :D) * Free versioning. * Fast application setup/startup (package.json is all you need)
# Demo?

All of this, is manual labour!

You could spend your time doing something else

— hopefully not related to programming

## [npmjs.com/package/packo](https://www.npmjs.com/package/packo) * Quick setup. * Easy to work with. * Integrated with NSP — [nodesecurity.io](https://nodesecurity.io/)
# Demo: take 2
# Questions

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